All that you need to know about POP Bandage

POP bandage or Plaster of Paris bandage is not something new to you. In simple terms, a cotton bandage is mixed with plaster of Paris that hardens when it is wet. POP bandage usage is very easy. Dip the bandage roll in water and apply it in circular motion over the area of interest.

Area of application :

POP bandages are used for all orthopedic corrections and general joint or bone disorders including fractures. POP bandage functions vary from one patient to another. Generally, it is used for reducing mobilization of the region.

Who can use it?

The best POP bandage can be used for toddlers too. It can be used by all age groups and by people with any skin condition. Some people can be allergic to the synthetic components in the bandage. Sores are common in patients with POP bandage if cast application is not done professionally. When sores occur, patients will experience

  1. Swelling of the region
  2. Increase in temperature of the cast region or overall body
  3. Pain in the cast region
It is important to stick with reliable brands like SASVAT to avoid allergic reactions. Educate the patients to visit you when they feel discomfort or irritation. Self-remedy like scratching with comb, knitting needles and others will worsen the situation.

How to store?

Absorption of moisture by POP bandage will occur in very high rate. Punctured packages of the bandages can absorb moisture from air and lose its characteristic over time. Thus, it is important to store the packages in dry places and discard punctured or opened packages if stored in damp or open area. Top branded products like SASVAT POP bandage have longer shelf life. A good POP bandage should have three months shelf life from the date of manufacturing.

Features of POP bandage :
  1. High stability and strength
  2. Durable cast
  3. Rapid immobilization thereby increasing the speed of healing
  4. Quick completion of cast application
  5. Skin friendly and smooth for children too
  6. Minimal fraying
Soaking time :

Soaking time varies from one product to another. To ensure effective POP bandage operation, it is better to stick to the directions provided behind the pack. If you soak for long, the bandage will harden immediately and have a grainy surface. The POP bandage is manufactured for rapid setting. The patient can move within 30 minutes and the cast is fully set in just 24 hours.

Advantage of using POP bandage over POP mixture :

According to a study conducted by NCBI, the cotton padded POP bandage has decreased initial stiffness, which can allow modification of application within the first few minutes. This initial lower stiffness is an added advantage while applying bandage for children.
POP bandage online purchase is very common today because of ease of purchasing and discounts. It is important to read POP bandage reviews in many sites and choose reliable portals like SASVAT. With top portals like Sasvat, you can choose bulk ordering at a discounted rate. If you are not comfortable with online shopping, you can use offline methods like booking over telephone. It is always better to stick to the top products like Sasvat if you are looking for POP bandage of superior quality and durability.

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