All that you need to know about Ventilator Circuit

There are numerous types and brands of ventilator circuits in the market. Clinics do not give a second thought before picking up a cheap one. Many factors are to be known about the product before deciding to buy it. Are you planning on buying ventilator circuit for your clinic? Before you buy a ventilator circuit online or through brick and mortar store, there are a few things that you need to know about it.

Dual lumen

While buying a ventilator circuit, check whether it has dual lumen like the ones marketed by Sasvat. This way, you can convert it to an adult transport circuit or ventilator breathing circuit and use it in numerous scenarios.

Corrugated tubes

To ensure enhanced ventilator circuit functioning, it is better to choose the one with corrugated tubes. Corrugated tubes have better crush resistant and lightweight. The corrugations also reduce the flow resistance and turbulence. The corrugations ensure flow even when the tube is twisted 180 degrees. Such reliability can be witnessed only in the best ventilator circuits available in the market like Sasvat.


The tube that you choose should be flexible. The flexibility enhances efficiency of the ventilator circuit operation in two ways. With flexibility, it is easier to connect and disconnect. Reliable seal can be obtained only when the material is flexible and lightweight.

Tubing complications

While using ventilator circuits, there are many tubes to be connected to the system like tube for heat retention, gas delivery and others. Certain major brands provide single-limb circuits to reduce confusions.

Ventilator-associated pneumonia

It is very essential to change the circuits routinely to avoid infections. Even while using the top brand ventilator circuit available in the market, changing circuits is very essential to avoid VAP (ventilator-associated pneumonia) due to ventilator circuit usage. To avoid this problem, top branded products like Sasvat ventilator circuits are marketing one-use products. With one-use product, a ventilator circuit is used only for one person thereby ceasing spread of infection from one patient to another.

Before you buy, check out the ventilator circuit reviews in the site for a few brands. Check out the features of the products in detail. If a site does not provide enough features or description of the product, it is better to avoid that portal. Choose wisely, as it determines the quality of healthcare delivered by you at emergency times. It is wise to choose online portals to buy the circuits as it is easier to purchase and you can enjoy considerable discounts for bulk orders. Top brands provide sterile packages of tubes that are individually packed. Thus, storage is easier.

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