Choosing the right Patient Monitor for outpatient recovery facility

The outpatient recover facility will focus on monitoring SpO2, ECG, NIBP end-tidal CO2 monitoring, thermal recorder and others. While choosing the best patient monitor for you outpatient recovery facility, here are the main points to keep in mind.

  1. Recorder is very essential in the monitor with printing history. Top brands like SASVAT patient monitor provide this facility.
  2. Alarm facility is very essential. Different patient monitor brands provide alarms for different events.
  3. Ensure that the patient monitor that you choose is approved by FDA. This approval will stand as a guarantee for your patient monitor functioning.
  4. ‘Electrical safety testing’, ‘performance testing’ and ‘patient ready’ are the other seals that you should check before patient monitor operation.
  5. If you are choosing a relatively new brand of patient monitor, you can check the local codes with regulatory bodies, if desired. If you are choosing a good brand like SASVAT, this step is not mandatory.
  6. Almost all modern patient monitors have touch screen. Just touch screen is not enough. Based on patient monitor reviews, other features to check are high-resolution screen with rechargeable lithium battery.
  7. Wireless monitoring system should be opted if you are choosing the patient monitor for CCU, ICU or OR.
  8. If you are planning to use the patient monitor for numerous rooms, mobile trolley will come handy.
  9. Weekly trend chart storage and printing can increase the effectiveness of patient monitor usage.
  10. Other features of top brands of patient monitors that are essential are dual IBP function, resistance to defibrillator or HF knife, visual alarming and others.
  11. For small clinical set-up, it is profitable to buy a patient monitor that would suit both general outpatient monitoring and critical care monitoring like SASVAT modular multi para patient monitor.
  12. In case of choosing a separate patient monitor for outpatient recovery facility, you should choose a robust patient monitor that is easy to move and small enough to be placed in smaller wards like SASVAT five para monitor EXACTA 208.
  13. In case of specialty clinic set-up where you require a patient monitor with advanced features related to a specific department, you need a patient monitor that can be configured like SASVAT five para monitor EXACTA 212.
Are you planning to buy patient monitor online? It is easier to compare between different models of monitors while buying online. Make sure to choose a platform that provides
  1. Detailed specification of the products
  2. Upfront cost
  3. 24/7 customer support for queries and service
  4. Easy return or cancellation policies
  5. Free and safe shipping.

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