Comparing synthetic casting tape with Plaster Of Paris in treating fractures

There are different type of casts for treating fractures, two common ones are plaster of Paris, and synthetic (fiberglass) cast. Are you confused about whether to stock your clinic with the best synthetic casting tape or go with plaster of Paris? This article will help you make an informed decision.


If cast made of plaster of Paris gets wet, it would start dissolving and can cause irritation in the skin, which will lead to infection and other complications. Patient with such a cast cannot shower or perform other water activities. When it comes to water, synthetic casting tape operation is similar to that of the former one. Although the casting tape is waterproof, the padding that is present inside the tape is not waterproof. If requested, you can use waterproof liner in synthetic cast tape, whichwill allow the patients even to swim.


If the patient requires certain pressure to be applied on the cast or mold it, it is better to stick with plaster of Paris. Such modifications are not possible with synthetic casting tape.


X-rays can easily penetrate synthetic casting tape better than POP. Synthetic casting tape usage is preferred in cases where x-ray is recommended after the cast is applied to make sure that the bone are healing.


Weight of plaster of Paris is obviously heavier than synthetic one. Since the synthetic cast comes in varying colors, it attracts children a lot. The webbed texture and color has nothing to do with synthetic cast tape function but attracts teenagers and children for its aesthetic value.


According to a paper submitted to Bone and Joint Journal in 2013, it is found that healing of fractures in forearm and patient satisfaction are greater in patients using synthetic cast over plaster of Paris. This study focused on children with forearm fracture. According to a study conducted by University of York, it is found that the effectiveness of healing of short leg cast is higher with synthetic cast than plaster of Paris. According to the same study, there is no significant difference in the healing of short arm cast with different materials.


The best synthetic cast tape is far more superior to the best POP when it comes to durability, strength and resistance to damage. Since synthetic cast is more porous, it is more comfortable to wear.


The POP bandage dries within 30 minutes but the bandage will take at least 24 hours to set completely. A good branded cast like SASVAT synthetic cast tape sets completely within two hours.


When it comes to the negative part of synthetic cast tape reviews, the price is the major issue. The cost of synthetic cast tape is higher than plaster of Paris. Moreover, some insurance plans might not cover the cost of synthetic cast tapes.

If you have decided to buy synthetic cast tape onlineyou need to choose reliable portals like SASVAT. Only such portals can provide better quality products and ease of purchase. The dilemma of synthetic cast tape vs POP has no single answer. You need to choose the right one for the right patient and medical requirement. The important point to keep in mind is the quality of the product. If you are looking for a durable, sterile and high quality product, you need to stick with top brands like Sasvat. With top portals, you can avail easy bulk ordering at discounted price. Are you looking for a more personalized way of shopping? You can talk to the executive over phone and book your requirements.

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