Factors to Consider while choosing a Sprague Rappaport for Nurses

The Sprague Rappaport usage is the same for doctors and nurses in a clinical set-up. A nurse uses the stethoscope in a louder environment than doctors do. The frequency of usage of the stethoscope is higher for nurses. Nurses are also a prime healthcare provider and it is important to choose the best product for them. Here are the top factors to keep in mind when you are choosing a Sprague Rappaport for your nurses.

Comfort vs Quality

Bigger stethoscope are capable of catching the mildest sounds but it is very heavy to carry around for longer. Nurses tend to use stethoscope for very long time than doctors. If the function of stethoscope is mainly for checking blood pressure, it is better to use small and lighter ones.


If you are a student of nursing collage planning to buy one for yourself, affordability is one of the factors to consider. Sprague Rappaport functions are similar to that of a dual head stethoscope and it is better to choose Sprague Rappaport over the other models. If you are a clinic owner planning to buy in bulk, it is better to choose Sprague Rappaport online purchase. Many online stores provide considerable discounts on bulk purchases.
Basic performance

If you are buying for a specialized nurse in a specific department, it is better to stick to the stethoscope that suits that particular department. For instance, a licensed nurse specialized under pediatric department should be provided with a pediatric stethoscope. On the other hand, if you were choosing for a general nurse, Sprague Rappaport operation would cover their daily requirements.


A nurse should use a stethoscope that suits auscultation and basic performances for an extended period of time. Such durability can be experienced only in in high quality stethoscope. Do not settle for a cheap version.

Angled earpiece

Since nurses tend to wear it for a long period, it is important to choose one with angled and soft earpiece. Many prefer glass earpiece than metal one for comfort.


Stainless steel chest piece provide more precision and bronze alloy ones have higher lifetime. You can choose the material that suits your main concern here.There is no hard and fast rule.

Check out the Sprague Rappaport reviews before settling with a brand. A good quality stethoscope will cost around 700-1000 INR. Choosing very low cost products would lead to compromise in quality or comfort. Read the product description and make an informed decision. If you are looking for a lightweight, durable and precision one, you need to choose reliable brands like Sasvat Sprague Rappaport.

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