Nasal Oxygen Cannula vs Oxygen Mask – Which and when to use?

It is easier to choose one over another when clearly one product is better than the next one. What happens when both the products are equally good? The nasal oxygen cannula operation efficiency is equal to that of the oxygen mask. Apart from the physical difference, the effectiveness and the functioning are same for both the types. How to make an informed decision?

Type of patients

Oxygen mask usage is easier when a patient is stationery in a bed. This suits patients who are bed-ridden or who are ready to stay still for a considerable amount of time while the oxygen is delivered. When it comes to people who prefer to perform their normal duties, nasal cannulas are more portable and easier to use.


Nasal cannula usage is easier with all types of portable equipment. If your patient is a mouth breather, the oxygen masks are better options than the cannula. Oxygen mask functioning also suits patients who are nose breathers too.

Oxygen concentration

An oxygen mask can allow higher concentration than nasal cannula. The best oxygen mask can deliver 40 to 60 percentage whereas nasal cannula can deliver 24 to 40 percentage only.


A patient can speak without any hindrance while using nasal cannula as it does not cover the mouth. While during oxygen mask operation, the nose and mouth will be covered.

Post-operative patients

In a NCBI paper published in late 20th century, a sample of post-operative patients were provided oxygen mask and nasal cannula randomly. It was found that adequate saturation and correct positioning were more likely to be maintained in patients with nasal cannula than the patients with oxygen mask were.

Individual preference

If you check out the oxygen mask reviews and nasal cannula reviews in the internet, you will find that different type of patients prefer different methods. Some consider nasal cannula to be discomforting while others find oxygen mask to be a hindrance to their routine life. Quality of the product is also an essential factor to notice. Buy top brand products like Sasvat oxygen mask and Sasvat nasal cannula than cheap alternatives.

It is better to stock up with both nasal cannula and oxygen mask. You can find oxygen mask online in many portals. Only standard medical equipment portals like Sasvat sell nasal cannula online. Such a brand can assure you high quality, durability and contamination-proof, which are essential to increase the quality of your clinical set-up. With online site, you can buy the masks and cannulas in bulk at a discounted rate. You can also avail other offline methods of shopping like telephone booking.

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