Skin maceration management and Adhesive Bandage

Skin maceration in a condition in which the skin cells tend to become soft and break down. Generally, this very simple effect fades off when the skin is exposed to fresh air and allowed to dry. In certain cases, it becomes vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infections.

The areas that are constantly in contact with moisture are affected by this effect. This usually affects those who wear bandage for a very long period. Due to perspiration or other moisture exposure, the area under the bandage experiences hyperhydration. Diabetic patients have a slower wound healing rate. Thus, they tend to wear bandages for considerable amount of time. Rarely, this occurs to obese people in the folding of skin and bed-ridden people.

Maceration usually does not cause serious effects. Maceration is not lethal and does not cause any life-threatening situation.
Common effects of maceration are

  1. Itching
  2. Foul odor
  3. Irritation 
Rare and high-risk effects of maceration are
  1. Ulcers
  2. Sores
  3. diabetic foot ulcer
  4. fungating
  5. damage to surrounding healthy tissues
When a wound is allowed to heal by adhesive bandage usage, the area remains covered from fresh air. Histamine is released from the cells that were damaged. This causes leakage of plasma and oedemais formed. This lead to exudate seeps from the surface of the wound. This fluid causes maceration. In addition to the fluid, sweating and other moisture can add to the process speed.
Maceration management
The best way to avoid skin maceration is to leave your wound open. This can cause additional infection, decreased wound healing rate and discomfort. Adhesive bandage helps in reducing the contact of foreign object with the exposed area of skin and increases the healing rate.
A better way to manage maceration is by using high fibrous dressing material like cotton yarn or hydrofibres. This allow moist healing. If you watch cotton yarn adhesive bandage operation closely, you can understand that the cotton absorbs the fluids secreted by the wound and the body, thereby keeping the area of skin under the bandage, dry. A cotton yarn or high porosity adhesive bandage functioning can be hindered if the dressing is poor. The wound should be dressed with good compression and comfort. For such a comfort, good adhesive is essential.
Some bandages’ adhesive mass can also cause allergy. Thus, you need hypo allergic adhesive mass like the ones used in top brands like Sasvat adhesive bandages.
On the note of adding more details to the professional dressing, it is important to store unused bandages, safely. A damaged bandage can lead to poor dressing, which will in turn lead to maceration. It is a common process to buy adhesive bandages online in bulk and store them. If you are planning in buying in bulk, make sure to store the bandages in a sealed container and store it away from moisture and direct sunlight. If you are in a dilemma in choosing the right brand, stick with top and reliable brands like Sasvat or study the adhesive bandage reviews online for numerous brands and choose the one that convinces you.

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