Tips for choosing the best Nebulizer Mask For your patients

The first dilemma that comes to patients is whether to choose mouthpiece or mask. Most of the nebulizers come with a mouthpiece. Those who find it uncomfortable and pediatric patients choose mask. Due to ease of nebulizer mask operation, more number of patients and clinical set-ups have shifted to masks. There are numerous types of masks at varying costs and sizes. It is important to know how to choose the right mask. This might be a very small decision but the comfort of patients is very essential. Thus, invest your time is choosing the right mask.

Type of patients

Pediatric patients and senior citizens prefer mask over mouthpiece. The size of the mask is very essential. Instead of buying different mask of varying size, buy one that can be adjusted. An adjustable strap or elastic strap will add more comfort. Such features can be seen only in branded ones like Sasvat nebulizer mask.

Reuse vs disposable

Reusable masks are moving out of the market gradually. Sterilization of masks is not easy and thus, it is better to stick with disposable mask. There are numerous brands of disposable nebulizer masks available in the market. How to choose the right one? The masks should be individual packed so that storage and nebulizer mask usage will be easier. If masks are meant to be re-used, sterilization of the mask should be spic and span else, additional complications will occur.

Latex vs plastic

Patients who need masks for extended period might experience latex allergy. Thus, it is better to choose plastic mask over latex mask. Top brands like SASVAT provide clear plastic mask, which allows visibility. When it comes to latex, the comfort is guaranteed due to the flexibility of the mask. If you choose the best nebulizer maskthe plastic masks are anatomically formed so that comfort is guaranteed.

Type of nebulizer

There are numerous types of nebulizers like ultrasonic nebulizer, jet nebulizer and others. You need to either choose mask specifically designed for that particular nebulizer for effective nebulizer mask functioning or stick to universal nebulizer masks with standard fittings. Do not mix and match the masks for different types of nebulizers.

Bulk purchase

If you are planning on bulk purchase, it is better to opt for nebulizer mask online purchase. Many top portals like Sasvat provide better discounts. This is also useful for patients who are advised to continue nebulization at home too.

Check out the nebulizer mask reviews online and choose the right brand. Top brands are usually preferred for their sterility and quality. Choose reliable portals for online purchases.

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