Top Foley Balloon Catheter complications that can be easily avoided

Foley balloon catheters have been in the market for many decades. The necessity of using a high quality Foley balloon catheter is very high. The increasing incidence of complications while using the catheter has raised the question of quality of the product. This has led to an increase in preferring high quality and bestFoleyballooncatheter like Sasvat. This article will talk in detail about the complications that are common while using a cheap Foley balloon catheter and how to avoid it by choose reliable brands like Sasvat.

Acute inflammation

Due to low-cost and flexibility, PVC is used for preparing the catheter. This can lead to acute inflammation as an immune reaction to leached plasticizer that are absorbed by the body, in vivo. SasvatFoley balloon catheteris made with silicon-coated latex, which does not cause inflammation.

Latex allergy

The effect of latex allergy is very serious since the allergy can infect the urethral region too. In some cheap latex catheter, additives used to improve the properties of the latex can be toxic. This leads to skin irritation and rash. Even though latex Foley balloon catheter is not preferred, many clinic set-ups use latex. Sasvat provides a silicone layer outer cover to the latex that reduces the occurrence of latex allergy. Silicon is a thoroughly tested biomaterial, which is known for its durability, low surface tension, hydrophobicity and others.

Duration of encrustation

Encrustation is a blockage that is formed due to the calcium deposit inside the catheter by a bacteria present in the urine. This lead to increased need for repeated insertion of catheter, which leads to infection, pain and other problems. The time taken for the calcium deposit to occur is very long in Foley balloon catheter marketed by Sasvat due to the presence of silicon coating.

Premature deflation of balloon

In cheap Foley balloon catheter, the balloon layer is also made with latex. According to a study, there is a 30% chance of premature balloon deflation during Foley balloon catheter operation. This lead to repeated urethral catheterization, which increases the cost of the procedure and increases the risk of CAUTI. In rare cases, scare formation is also possible. Since the one provided by Sasvat has a high polymer balloon layer, these complications are avoided during Foley balloon catheter usage.

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