Privacy Policy

In this context, ‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘User’ or ‘client’ refers to any individual or entity accessing or using the service of the website which includes but not limited to viewing content, selling and buying products from the site. Terms, ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’ and ‘Company’ refer to BulkMed, an initiative of Sasvat Omnicare.This includes but not limited to directors, owners, decision makers, shareholders and others related to BulkMed, now and in future.
By using the service of this site or by surfing through the site, you agree to all terms and conditions and privacy policies laid down by BulkMed, from time to time. If you do not agree with any policy or clause of the policies, do not proceed using the site, hereafter.
BulkMed reserves the rights to change any clause or complete privacy policy as and when it feels rights. The changes might or might not be explicitly announced to the stakeholders. You are welcome to check the privacy policy from time to time to be updated. By using the site, you agree that you are of legal age as per your constitution.
Data collection and utilization
We aim at gathering and storing minimal data required for smoother transaction of business. This includes personal and non-personal data including but not limited to name, company address, phone number, gender, e-mail address, shipping address, date of birth and others. You would be requested to providethis information while accessing our site for purchasing or selling products, creating a member account, uploading product information, communicating with our executives, providing reviews and so on. This personal information will not be shared with any vendors, parties or other third party entity. It will be disclosed when requested by the name of law.
Certain data fields during registration will be explicitly marked as ‘optional’. It is up to your good decision to provide the information. For effective working, certain non-personal data will be collected periodically and stored in server logs. This includes your browsing history while on the portal, type of browser used, pages accessed in BulkMed, type of user, IP address, operating system, your last login information, time of your last access and so on. These information will be shared with vendors, investors, sponsors, business partners, developers, advertisers and so on solely for the purpose of enhancing the reach of the portal and business growth. Your personal information will not be shared for any advertisement purpose.
We may provide third-party advertisements on our site from time to time to enhance your online shopping experience. The privacy policies and terms and conditions of the third-party site is not governed by BulkMed. Upon clicking the advertisement or link, you agree with their privacy policies. You can read their terms and conditions before moving on. These links and advertisements will not be able to access any personal information that you have provided with BulkMed. BulkMed is not responsible for any information that you share in that third-party site or link. Any dispute that rises between you and the advertisement service provider should be handled by you and does not concern BulkMed.
Apart from personal information, any content that you upload on the site, which includes but not limited to product information, product pictures, specifications, reviews and others will be shared with all and BulkMed has the rights to use the content for any process that it feels right. If user shares any personal information in areas other than where it is requested, the privacy of those data is not a concern of BulkMed.
We use state-of-the-art protection to avoid unauthorized access and unlawful interruption into our security system. Practically, no internet site can provide 100% assurance for the same. We use the best method of data collection, processing and storage to provide better encryption and security. We are not responsible for any breach of security made by third party with the help of information that you shared in their site. We are not responsible for third party privacy policies. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by any maleficent programs linked with third party sites like viruses, Trojans, worms and others. Unless explicitly agreed, BulkMed does not stand responsible for any Force Majeure event, which is beyond our control.
Data retention
Unless explicitly mentioned, we have the rights to retain the personal and non-personal information until you cancel your membership or your account becomes inactive after a year of non-usage. We keep a tract of all your old transactions and other information related to your account even after cancellation or inactiveness of your account as residue information for our recording purposes. This residue information will stay in our database as long as we feel it worthy.
BulkMed preserves all communication that takes place between you and our executives or other parties on the portal. We will disclose the information when requested by law. We can also use this information during legal processes, to enforce policies, to respond to your claims and others.
Personal data discretion
You have the right to avoid disclosing certain information when requested by us. In certain cases, you might not be able to avail services of the site when not disclosed. You can add, update or remove optional data from your account as many times and as and when you feel right. You have the rights to opt out of any marketing related communication, which includes but not limited to newsletters, mails and others. Steps for un-subscription will be provided in every email.
Unless or otherwise mentioned, the privacy policies apply to all users, all type of information related to BulkMed portal. In case of any grievance or queries in relation to the privacy policy, you are welcome to contact our executive to get a better view.