Tynor Bilayered Comfeel Knee Caps

Description of product

The Tynor Bilayered Comfeel Knee Caps is a next generation tubular product knitted on a 3 dimensional computer controlled circular looms to provide mild compression, warmth and support to the knee joint. It is used to allay pain and inflammation, generally associated with old age, arthritis or injury. The knee cap is equipped with soft patella and is anatomically shaped which reduces compression on patella. The Bi-layered, cotton on the inside, a dermophillic interphase allows for enhanced comfort and better sweat absorption. The Bilayered, nylon on the outside ensures long life and excellent aesthetics. The knee cap is made of 4 way stretchable fabric which allows for effective compression and enhanced comfort. Its 2 layered with interwoven air space helps retaining body heat effectively and speeds up healing.


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Brand Tynor