Tynor Contoured Lumbar Support Belt

Description of product

The Tynor Contoured Lumbar Support Belt is designed to support and immobilize the lumbor sacral region and correct the postural deformity to allay low back pain syndrome. The belt has anatomically contoured rigid splints which helps maintain the natural low back curve, allay pain due to mechanical stresses, gets rid of postural fatigue, ensure adequate back reinforcement for perfect immobilization. The aluminium splints offers accurate support and are light in weight. The splints also offers better patient compliance, contoured and rigid splinting provides immobilization in the neutral position to stabilize the vertebral fractures. It is equipped with a double pull mechanism which ensures strong fastening for secure fitting, better immobilization, prevents belt slippage. The belt is supported by an Ethafoam back pad which offers high cushioning even in thin sections, provides better patient comfort, without compromising the immobilization.